Headfirst! aims to help moms and families treat head lice with confidence.

Headfirst Lice Lessons aims to help families treat head lice with confidence.

About Headfirst Lice Lessons

Headfirst Lice Lessons is an educational initiative between the National Association of School Nurses and Sanofi Pasteur to help families and their communities learn about head lice—what they are, what they look like and how to treat them.

Head lice are a common problem, especially in school-aged children, but they can be hard to treat. If not diagnosed or treated right away, head lice can spread. People with a head lice infestation may feel itchy because of the lice, and they may also feel upset or stressed.

This initiative aims to empower families with advice and resources to help them treat head lice with confidence. Head lice are not only a family matter, but a community issue. So, if you are trying to get rid of head lice or just like to be prepared, this site is for you.